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How To Bolt Up Two Flanges 2 (Continuing Education)

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How To Bolt Up Two Flanges 2

When selecting studs for bolt up of two flanges, length is very important. Only                 threads should be visible above the nut.
  1. 1-2
  2. 2-4
  3. 3-5
  4. 4-6
On a tight fit when bolt holes do not line up, a                can be used to align bolt holes.
  1. pry bar
  2. wrench
  3. drift pin
  4. bolt and hammer
Along with the studs, the                should be lubricated as well before bolt up.
  1. gasket
  2. nut face
  3. bolt holes
  4. flange face
The proper tool to use when bolting up two flanges is a                   .
  1. pipe wrench
  2. crescent wrench
  3. channel lock
  4. combination wrench
Torque loss is inherent in any bolted joint, a key to reducing this effect is by bringing the flanges together slowly and parallel when installing a gasket and taking a minimum of                 bolt tightening passes
  1. one
  2. two
  3. three
  4. four
When torqueing bolts on a flange, the first of 4 passes is done at 25%. The third pass should be done at                .
  1. 45%
  2. 60%
  3. 75%
  4. 100%
If reinstalling old studs, they should be cleaned using a                to remove rust and any burs.
  1. cloth
  2. solvent
  3. wire brush
  4. water solution
For stubborn or rusted nuts that are tight to remove, a                            can be used.
  1. pipe wrench
  2. bigger wrench
  3. hammer wrench
  4. combination of two wrenches
The stamp on all studs of a bolt up must be visible and all facing the same direction in order for them to be                 properly.
  1. doped
  2. torqued
  3. removed
  4. inspected
The size of the flanges being bolted up will determine the stud                 sequence.
  1. doping
  2. removal
  3. torqueing
  4. installation

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