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Drain Waste Vent 2 (Continuing Education)

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Drain Waste Vent 2

Under many older building codes, a vent stack is required to be within a                     radius of the draining fixture it serves.
One additional requirement for a vent stack connection occurs when there are very long horizontal drain runs with very little                  to the run.
When a fixture trap is venting properly, a                      sound can often be heard as the fixture vigorously empties out during normal operation.
In modern plumbing, a drain-waste-vent is part of a system that removes                    and greywater from a building.
Vents provide a way to                        the pressure on both sides of a trap.
Through traps, all fixtures are connected to                             .
Generally, a toilet outlet has the shortest trap seal, making it most vulnerable to being emptied by                                         .
Since air admittance valves will only operate under                                           situations, they are not suitable for all venting applications.
Special access fittings such as clean-outs enhance the long-term maintainability of the systems, and are required by most                                   .
The vent pipe should be              size larger than the drain that it serves.

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