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Transformations - Practice #2 (Grade 10)

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Transformations - Practice #2

The following pre-image is rotated 90° clockwise about the origin, moved 2 units left and 5 units up. Draw the correct transformed image.

2x6 Q1 Vertical

Coordinate Plane - 5x5 -  Blank

The following pre-image is rotated 180° about the origin clockwise, the moved 3 units in the x direction and -6 units in the y direction. Draw the correct transformed image.

1x3 Q4 Horizontal

Coordinate Plane - 5x5 -  Blank

Which of the following could be used to map this parallelogram onto itself?
Parallelogram v2
  1. reflection
  2. rotation
  3. reflection and rotation
  4. neither
Which of these transformations will create a shape which is not congruent with the original?
  1. Rotate [math]90 deg[/math] clockwise and dilate by a factor of 2
  2. Translate 4 to the left and rotate [math]180 deg[/math]
  3. Translate down 2, reflect across the [math]y[/math] axis, and rotate [math]180 deg[/math]
  4. Reflect across the [math]x[/math] axis and translate down by 6
When a figure is rotated about a point, the direction of rotation is always counter-clockwise.
  1. True
  2. False
How is the transformation between the two graphs best described?
Graph - Linear Function y=-xGraph - Linear Function y=x
  1. Translation
  2. Rotation
  3. Reflection
  4. Reflection or rotation
Find the single translation that has the same effect as each of the following composition of translations.

a) [math]T_(2,5) " followed by " T_(-4,9)[/math]

b) [math]T_(-3,7) " followed by " T_(3,-7)[/math]

Draw Triangle LMN with points L(3,-3); M(1,-2); N(3,4).

Reflect its image across the x-axis.
Graph Numbered through 10

The regular pentagon ABCDE is divided into five congruent triangles. The 3rd vertex of each of these triangles (not on the sides of the pentagon) meets at the center of pentagon ABCDE; call this point X.

a) Name the image of point C under a 72 degree counter-clockwise rotation about X.

b) Name the image of point A under a 216 degree counter-clockwise rotation about X.
Pentagon  ABCDE

Sketch Triangle ABC with vertices A(-1,-2); B(3,-1); C(2,4). Find the image of Triangle ABC under the following glide reflections.

a) [math]T_{2,2} and r_{y = 3}[/math]

b) [math]T_{0,3} and r_{x = -2}[/math]
Graph Numbered through 10

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