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The Pearl - Chap. 2 (Grade 9)

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The Pearl - Chap. 2

What is the setting of this chapter?
  1. the beach
  2. the marketplace
  3. the doctor's house
  4. Kino and Juana's house
What were Kino and Juana doing?
  1. trying to find the doctor
  2. heading to another twon
  3. meeting up with some friends
  4. looking for a pearl of great value
What did Juana do to Coyotito?
  1. fixed him lunch
  2. wrapped him in seaweed
  3. sucked the poison out of him
  4. left him at the house of neighbor
How long could Kino stay underwater?
  1. a few seconds
  2. thirty seconds
  3. one minute
  4. a couple minutes
What did Kino find in the water?
  1. a large necklace
  2. a missing shoe
  3. a few small pearls
  4. the greatest pearl in the world
What did the others do when they realized what Kino had found?
  1. dove into the water
  2. called for the police
  3. ran to get the doctor
  4. paddled out to see him
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