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The Pearl - Chap. 3 (Grade 9)

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The Pearl - Chap. 3

At the beginning of the chapter, a town is compared to
  1. a party.
  2. an animal.
  3. a democracy.
  4. a large family.
News about what Kino had found
  1. turned him into royalty.
  2. was grossly exaggerated.
  3. brought shame to his family.
  4. traveled quickly around the town.
What began to seep into the town?
  1. a type of poison
  2. a new class of criminals
  3. a special breed of snakes
  4. an influx of new business
What did Kino plan to do with the money? (Choose all that apply)
  1. Buy a rifle
  2. Get a new guitar
  3. Buy new clothes
  4. Get married to Juana
  5. Send Coyotito to school
What happened to Kino as he thought about how to spend the money?
  1. He became more popular.
  2. He began to show signs of madness.
  3. He started to care more about his family.
  4. He decided to move away from the town he loved.
Who came to see the family after learning about the pearl?
  1. the doctor
  2. the police
  3. Kino's mother
  4. Juana's sister
Coyotito was
  1. given medicine to make him sick.
  2. taken away from Kino and Juana.
  3. neglected in all of the chaos.
  4. completely healed.
What did Juana want Kino to do with the pearl?
  1. Keep it.
  2. Throw it away.
  3. Sell it as soon as possible.
  4. Give it to people who needed it.

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