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The Pearl - Chap. 5 (Grade 9)

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The Pearl - Chap. 5

What happened at the beginning of the chapter? (Choose all that apply)
  1. Kino fought with Juana.
  2. The pearl was stolen from them.
  3. Kino killed a man.
  4. Coyotito died.
  5. The doctor stopped by.
What did Kino and Juana decide to do?
  1. marry
  2. run away
  3. build a new house
  4. get rid of the pearl
What did Juan Tomas say about the pearl?
  1. It was big.
  2. It was worth a lot.
  3. There was a devil in it.
  4. The buyers were mistaken.
Kino said that the pearl
  1. was evil.
  2. had become his soul.
  3. was the loveliest thing he owned.
  4. held the key to Coyotito's future.
Juan Tomas urged Kino and Juana to
  1. go with God.
  2. see the doctor.
  3. build a new canoe.
  4. get a second opinion.

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