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The Pearl - Chap. 6 (Grade 9)

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The Pearl - Chap. 6

What did the wind help do?
  1. cover their tracks
  2. mute Coyotito's cries
  3. keep the seekers away
  4. take away the heat of the sun
Kino and Juana walked
  1. mostly at night.
  2. apart from one another.
  3. on the edge of the shoreline.
  4. slowly and carefully through the trees.
What did Kino talk about buying when he sold the pearl?
  1. a rifle
  2. medicine
  3. lots of food
  4. a ring for Juana
Where did Kino and Juana go when the trackers came near?
  1. into the water
  2. deep into a cave
  3. up into the mountains
  4. back home to the village
Kino told Juana to be sure that
  1. the pearl was safe.
  2. she had plenty to drink.
  3. the baby did not cry.
  4. he was not followed.
What happened to Coyotito?
  1. He died.
  2. He got lost.
  3. He became a leader.
  4. He followed in his father's footsteps.
What did Kino and Juana do with the pearl?
  1. They hid it.
  2. They sold it.
  3. They threw it away.
  4. They turned it into a ring.

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