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Cell Structure Vocabulary (Grade 7)

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Cell Structure Vocabulary

Instructions: Use the word bank to complete each statement about cell structure.

Word Bank: chloroplast; cell membrane; endoplasmic reticulum; Golgi bodies; vacuole; organelles; lysosomes; cell wall; cytoplasm; cell; mitochondria; nucleolus; nucleus; ribosome

The jellylike substance between the cell membrane and the organelles that supports the cell and allows the parts to move is called                         .
A(n)                is the smallest functional and structural unit of all organisms.
                           are tiny structures inside cells that carry out specific functions.
The                      is the control center of the cell. It directs the cells activities.
The                                 is a flexible covering that protects the inside of a cell from the environment outside a cell.
A(n)                          is what gives plant cells a rigid shape.
A part in a plant cell that uses sunlight to make food is called a(n)                             .
                               are rod-shaped cell structures that produce most of the energy needed to carry out the cell's functions.
The organelles that package cellular substances for export are                               .
Organelles called                          contain enzymes, which break down worn-out or damaged organelles, waste materials, and foreign invaders in the cell.
A(n)                       is a cell structure where proteins are manufactured.
The                                                  is a cell structure that creates a maze of passageways where protein and other materials are moved from one side of the cell to the other.
A structure in a cell that stores food, water or wastes is called a(n)
Most cells have a(n)                          in the center of the nucleus which stores materials to make ribosomes.
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