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Respiratory System Vocabulary (Grade 8)

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Respiratory System Vocabulary

Instructions: Use the word bank to complete each statement about the respiratory system.

Word Bank: alveoli; bronchiole; carbon dioxide; diaphragm; hair; larynx; lungs; nose; oxygen; trachea

The                    is the first work station in the respiratory system.
The                    inside the nose catches the largest particles to prevent them getting into the lungs.
The                    is also known as the vocal chords.
The "windpipe" is also known as the                     .
The one main function for the                      is the exchange of gases in the air to bring oxygen into the body.
The lungs take in                              and release                                   .
Your                          is a muscle beneath your lungs that contracts and relaxes to help move gases into and out of your lungs.
Air is carried into your lungs by two short tubes called                      at the lower end of the trachea.
At the end of each bronchiole are clusters of tiny, thin-walled sacs called                     .
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