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Conifer Life Cycle (Grade 6)

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Conifer Life Cycle

Instructions: Conifer trees are gymnosperms. Conifers produces seeds in cones, not in flowers like produced in angiosperms. Use what you know about gymnosperms to order the steps of the conifer life cycle.

Starting with the mature plant, number the steps in the order of a conifer's life cycle 1 - 8.

           Wind blows the pollen into the scales of the female cones.

           When the seeds are developed, the cone opens and the wind carries the seeds away.

           Mature conifers produce male and female cones.

           Male cones produce pollen.

           Fertilization occurs.

           Seeds develop inside the female cone.

           The seedling becomes a mature plant.

           A seed lands in soil and develops into a seedling.
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