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Solar System Vocabulary (Grade 6)

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Solar System Vocabulary

Instructions: Use the word bank to complete each statement about the solar system.

Word Bank: asteroid; dwarf planet; solar system; inner planets; sun; orbit; outer planets; planets; comet; star

The Sun and all bodies that revolve around it make up the                               .
The Sun is the only                        in our solar system.
The                        is located at the center of the solar system.
Large bodies that revolve around the Sun are called                         .
The                                  are the four planets of the solar system that are closest to the Sun - Mercury, Venus, Earth, and Mars.
The                                  are the four planets of the solar system farthest from the Sun - Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune.
Pluto is no longer a planet, it is now a                               .
The path Earth takes as it moves around the Sun in space:                       
                       is a small, rocky object that orbits the Sun.
A                        is an icy rock that has a bright tail when it comes close to the Sun.

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