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Atomic Structure Vocabulary (Grade 8)

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Atomic Structure Vocabulary

Instructions: Use the word bank to complete each statement about atomic structure.

Word Bank: ion; outermost; orbital; nucleus; valence; no; negative; positive; atom; electrons

The simplest particle of an element that still retains all of the element's properties is a(n)                   .
Most of the mass of an atom is concentrated in the                     .
Protons have a                          electric charge.
Neutrons have                          charge.
Electrons have a                        electrical charge.
An atom or molecule that carries a charge due to the gain or loss of an electron is called a(n)                   .
Lewis dot diagrams can be used to represent the                      electrons in a given atom.
                         move around an atom's nucleus in specific energy levels.
The region of an atom where electrons are found is called a(n)                     .
The valence electron(s) is/are the                          electron(s) in an atom.
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