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Acids and Bases - Fill in the Blanks (Grade 8)

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Acids and Bases - Fill in the Blanks

Instructions: Use the word bank to complete each statement about acids and bases.

Word Bank: bases; sour; 0; acidic; litmus; pH; 7; bitter; strong; neutral; 14

Acidity can be analyzed using a scale called the            scale.
                   paper is used to test acids and bases.
A substance that has a pH of 7.0 would be considered                     .
Soaps and cleaners are examples of                 , which have pH greater than 7.
A substance that has a pH of 2.0 would be a                    acid.
Milk has a pH of 6.8, which makes it slightly                   .
Pure water has a pH of                         .
The pH scale ranges from           to           .
Bases will often taste                   .
Acids will often taste                   .
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