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Parallel and Perpendicular Lines and Planes (Grade 9)

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Parallel and Perpendicular Lines and Planes

Two lines with the same slope are perpendicular to each other.
  1. True
  2. False
Lines that intersect to form right angles.
  1. parallel line
  2. perpendicular lines
  3. vertical angles
  4. linear pairs
                    are two lines that have the same slope and never intersect.
  1. Y-Intercept
  2. Slope
  3. Parallel Lines
  4. Perpendicular Lines
A line is said to be                                                          if it is perpendicular to every line in the plane that it intersects.
If two planes do not intersect, then the two planes are                 parallel.
  1. Sometimes
  2. Always
  3. Never
If a plane contains a line which is perpendicular to another plane, then the two planes are                  .
  1. parallel
  2. perpendicular
  3. skew
  4. none of the above
Tell whether the lines with the given slopes are parallel, perpendicular, or neither.
Line 1: m = 2
Line 2: m = -2
  1. parallel
  2. perpendicular
  3. neither
Lines l and m intersect to form congruent supplementary angles. What can you conclude?
  1. Lines l and m and skew.
  2. Lines l and m are parallel.
  3. Lines l and m are perpendicular.
  4. None of the above.
Through a point not on a line, there is one and only one line parallel to the given line.
  1. Triangle Exterior Angles Theorem
  2. Triangle Angle-Sum Theorem
  3. Perpendicular Transversal Theorem
  4. Parallel Postulate
When looking at a ladder, each rung is perpendicular to the two rails. Is it possible to prove that the two rails are parallel and that all of the rungs are parallel? Explain why it is or is not possible.

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