Percent Problems: Markups and Markdowns (Grade 7)

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Percent Problems: Markups and Markdowns

Tommy saw the shirt he wants to buy on sale for 35% off. If the shirt normally costs $45, how much money will Tommy pay for it?
  1. $15.75
  2. $10.00
  3. $31.50
  4. $29.25
A clothing shop has a markup of 45% on the wholesale price of shirts. If the wholesale price of men's shirts is $35.00, what will be the retail price?
  1. $80.00
  2. $52.50
  3. $57.50
  4. $50.75
A family went to a restaurant. The total cost of the meal was $48.30. The family had a coupon for 20% off the total. What was the final cost of the meal after the coupon was used?
  1. $9.66
  2. $28.30
  3. $38.64
  4. $48.10
Rose normally pays $118.00 for an airplane ticket to visit her parents. The airline company is offering a 45% discount. How much is the discount?
  1. $81.00
  2. $5.31
  3. $8.10
  4. $53.10
Which expression correctly models a price, p, decreased by 80%?
  1. p - 80
  2. p - 0.80
  3. p - 0.80p
  4. p - 80p
A department store is selling everything for 45% off of the regular price. If a pair of jeans originally costs j dollars, which expressions could be used to find the sale price of the jeans? (Select ALL that apply.)
  1. j + 0.45j
  2. j - 45
  3. j - 0.45j
  4. 0.55j
  5. j + 45
  6. 1.45j
The selling price of a dining table is $630. This is 20% more than its cost price. What is the cost price of the dining table?

A baseball glove at the local sports store is regularly priced at $22.00. It is on sale for 20% off. What is the amount that you save by buying the glove on sale?

If a pair of jeans marked $40.00 is selling at a 20% discount, how much do the jeans cost after the discount?

Susan went shopping for a new shirt. The original price of the shirt was $32.50, but was marked down to $21.13. What was the percent of the discount Susan got on the shirt?

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