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Ancient Egypt (Grade 9)

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Ancient Egypt

Who was the king that united Upper and Lower Egypt?
  1. Narmer
  2. Ramses
  3. Tutmoses III
  4. Akhenaten
The Pyramids of Giza were built during the Old Kingdom.
  1. True
  2. False
How did territorial expansion during the Old Kingdom lead to the 1st Intermediate Period?

What was the name of the Egyptian capital during the Middle Kingdom?
  1. Pi-Ramses
  2. Memphis
  3. Amarna
  4. Thebes
The Second Intermediate Period was caused when which group of people conquered Lower Egypt?
  1. Assyrians
  2. Kushites
  3. Persians
  4. Hyksos
What is the defining characteristic of Akhenaten's reign that differentiates him from all other Egyptian kings?

Egypt expanded to its largest point during which historical phase?
  1. Old Kingdom
  2. Middle Kingdom
  3. New Kingdom
  4. Late Period
Priests of which god were in control Upper Egypt at the end of the New Kingdom?
  1. Horus
  2. Amun
  3. Aten
  4. Set
What was the name of the first Kushite Pharaoh?
  1. Piye
  2. Taharqa
  3. Psamtik
  4. Esharhaddon
Which Persian Emperor conquered Egypt?
  1. Cyrus the Great
  2. Cambyses II
  3. Artaxerxes
  4. Darius I
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