Linear Equation Word Problems (Grade 9)

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Linear Equation Word Problems

Four friends are planning to play 18 holes of golf. Two of them need to rent clubs at $5 per set. Total cart rental is $10. The total cost of the golfing outing, including green fees, is $92.

a. Write an equation to represent the total cost of the golf outing.

b. How much did the friends pay in green fees?

A high school marching band has 55 male members. It is determined that five-eighths of the band members are male.

a. What equation represents the total number of members in the band?

b. How many members are in the band?

The selling price of a certain video is $7.00 more than the price the store paid. If the selling price is $24.00, find the price the store paid.

Write an algebraic equation and the solution.

The last math test that you took had 100 regular points and 10 bonus points. You received a total score of 87, which included 9 bonus points. What would your score have been without any bonus points?

Write an algebraic equation and the solution.

If the population of Centertown is currently 4,600 and it grows by 200 people each year, when will the population double?

Willie rented a bike from Sarawong's Bikes. It cost $18 plus $5 per hour. If Willie paid $48, how many hours did he rent the bike for?

A laser printer prints 9 pages per minute. Martha refilled the paper tray after it had printed 92 pages. In how many more minutes will there be a total of 245 pages printed?

Asanji spent half of his weekly allowance at the movies. To earn more money his parents let him wash the car for $8. What is his weekly allowance if he ended with $18?

If a number is increased by 3 and that number is doubled, the result is -8. What was the original number?

What three consecutive numbers add up to 75?

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