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Cultural Areas: Northwest, California, Plateau (Grade 5)

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Cultural Areas: Northwest, California, Plateau

What is the name of the special feasts in the Northwest Coast where hosts gave elaborate gifts to show off their wealth?
  1. Potlatches
  2. Tlingit
  3. Kachina
  4. Kuksu
What food was a staple in the California cultural area but not the others?
  1. Saskatoon Berries
  2. Pemmican
  3. Salmon
  4. Acorns
Tribes in the Plateau and California cultural area both used what building material to make their houses?
  1. Redwood planks
  2. Stone blocks
  3. Tule reed mats
  4. Whale bones
Which cultural area had the largest number of tribes and was home to almost a third of North America's population before the arrival of Europeans?
  1. Plains
  2. Plateau
  3. California
  4. Northwest coast
Salmon was an important food source for tribes in the California, Plateau, and Northwest Coast cultural areas.
  1. True
  2. False
What is a piece of evidence that weaving has long been an important aspect of life in the Plateau cultural region?

The Columbia and the                      rivers run through the Plateau cultural area.
Because wild resources were had to come by in the Northwest Coast and California cultural areas, tribes in these areas were among the first farmers in the Americas.
  1. True
  2. False
Many different tribes in the California cultural area practiced the Kuksu religion.
  1. True
  2. False
What are three common themes depicted on Totem poles?

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