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A Wrinkle in Time: Chapter 1 (Grade 6)

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A Wrinkle in Time: Chapter 1

How does Meg feel at the beginning of the novel?
  1. freezing cold
  2. hungry and thirsty
  3. like everything was wrong
  4. as if the world was going to end
Why type of student is Meg?
  1. a good student
  2. a poor student
Who is Charles Wallace?
  1. Meg's father
  2. Meg's teacher
  3. Meg's best friend
  4. Meg's baby brother
What is true about Charles Wallace? (Select all that apply)
  1. He enjoys sports.
  2. He does not talk a lot.
  3. People think he is dumb.
  4. He is deathly afraid of storms.
  5. He is the youngest in the family.
What is Mrs. Murry's occupation?
  1. chef
  2. scientist
  3. homemaker
  4. cosmetologist
Who lives in the house in the woods?
  1. Fortinbras
  2. Meg's father
  3. Sandy and Dennys
  4. Mrs. Whatsit and her friends
What is Meg's first impression of the visitor?
  1. She thinks she is beautiful.
  2. She does not trust her one bit.
  3. She wishes she had never met her.
  4. She wonders how she knows Charles Wallace.
What does the visitor tell Mrs. Murry about?
  1. the storm
  2. a tesseract
  3. the local tramp
  4. a cure for a cold
How does Mrs. Murry react to what the visitor tells her?
  1. She is happy.
  2. She is afraid.
  3. She is worried.
  4. She is excited.
Where is Meg's father in the first chapter?
  1. He is at home.
  2. He is at work.
  3. He is on vacation.
  4. It does not say where he is.
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