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A Wrinkle in Time: Chapter 2 (Grade 6)

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A Wrinkle in Time: Chapter 2

Why is Dennys mad at the beginning of the chapter?
  1. He did not finish his homework.
  2. He heard Meg beat someone up.
  3. He wished they had woken him up.
  4. He was not a fan of French toast.
Why does Meg get sent out of class?
  1. She was rude.
  2. She was sick.
  3. She was hungry.
  4. She was injured.
What is Mr. Murry's occupation?
  1. dentist
  2. teacher
  3. physicist
  4. magician
What does the principal tell Meg?
  1. She is getting an award in school.
  2. Her brother has gotten into trouble.
  3. She needs to help out more at home.
  4. Her father is never going to come home.
Where does Charles Wallace want to go when Meg gets home?
  1. to visit their mother at the lab
  2. to see Mrs. Whatsit at her house
  3. to search for their father in the woods
  4. to watch Sandy and Dennys play baseball
Which best describe's Charles Wallace's relationship with Meg?
  1. He can tell what she is thinking.
  2. He makes her feel smarter than she is.
  3. He helps her feel safe during storms.
  4. He fights people who put her down.
Who do Meg and Charles meet in the woods?
  1. Calvin
  2. Fortinbras
  3. Mrs. Murry
  4. Mr. Murry
What is unique about the person they meet in the house?
  1. She is a woman.
  2. She speaks different languages.
  3. She has never met Charles Wallace.
  4. She refuses to admit she stole sheets.
How are Charles and Calvin similar?
  1. They are both the youngest.
  2. They are both considered dumb.
  3. They both get similar feelings.
  4. They both have large families.
Charles Wallace knows something is going to happen soon.
  1. True
  2. False
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