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A Wrinkle in Time: Chapter 4 (Grade 6)

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A Wrinkle in Time: Chapter 4

How does Mrs. Which speak?
  1. with a stutter
  2. in a loud, booming voice
  3. too quiet for anyone to hear
  4. with a confident air
What happened to Meg at the beginning of Chapter 4?
  1. She received a letter from her father.
  2. She suddenly began to feel very sick.
  3. She felt as if she was completely alone.
  4. She became worried about her mother.
Where did Meg, Charles, and Calvin go?
  1. to school
  2. to the store
  3. to a field
  4. to church
How did Charles, Calvin, and Meg get there?
  1. They walked.
  2. They tessered.
  3. They took a bus.
  4. They flew on a plane.
When Meg asks to see her father, Charles Wallace tells her she has to be
  1. patient.
  2. sneaky.
  3. smart.
  4. honest.
Which best describes what Mrs. Whatsit became?
  1. a winged horse
  2. a red demon
  3. a white marble
  4. a glowing sun
What did one of the singing creatures give them to take on their journey?
  1. bottles of water
  2. a handful of flowers
  3. bags full of food
  4. a map
What did Meg think Charles Wallace was becoming?
  1. angry and impatient
  2. much older
  3. the favorite child
  4. a creature like the women
How did they use the object they were given?
  1. to fight off evil
  2. to breathe
  3. to eat
  4. to summon a being
Charles Wallace wanted to watch the moon set. What did Mrs. Whatsit make them look at?
  1. the sun
  2. a shadow
  3. her face
  4. the ground
How did the thing they saw make them feel?
  1. afraid
  2. calm
  3. loved
  4. angry
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