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Ancient Greek Art (Grade 9)

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Ancient Greek Art


What was the earliest and simplest of the column orders?
  1. Doric
  2. Ionic
  3. Persian
  4. Corinthian
What are the characteristics of Doric columns?


What is the name of the spiral shaped decoration on the capitals of Ionic columns?
  1. Composite
  2. Acanthus
  3. Pilaster
  4. Volute
What are the characteristics of Ionic columns?


What was the name of the latest order of Greek column?
  1. Composite
  2. Corinthian
  3. Papyrus
  4. Tuscan
What are the characteristics of Corinthian columns?


This amphora was painted in what ancient Greek style?
  1. Black-Figure
  2. Red-Figure
  3. Geometric
  4. Minoan

Black-figure pottery was replaced by what style?
  1. White-ground
  2. Orientalizing
  3. Red-figure
  4. Minoan
What is the difference between black-figure and red-figure pottery?


What are the free-standing, unclothed, statues from the Greek Archaic Period called?
  1. Kore
  2. Kritios
  3. Korous
  4. Contrapposto
How did sculpture from the Classical Period differ from the Archaic Period?

Considered the greatest ancient Greek sculptor, who created the statues of Zeus at Olympia and the Athena Parthenos?
  1. Phidias
  2. Socrates
  3. Lysippos
  4. Praxiteles
Everyday life was a subject for Hellenistic art.
  1. True
  2. False

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