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Bleeding Kansas (Grade 9)

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Bleeding Kansas

What was the name of the conflict between anti- and pro-slavery groups in Kansas from 1854-1861?
  1. Jayhawk War
  2. Ruffian Raids
  3. Bleeding Kansas
  4. Bushwacker Battles
Why did people from across the country travel to Kansas?
  1. because gold was found at the Monument Rocks
  2. the promise of fifty acres and a mule
  3. to influence the vote on slavery
  4. to escape conflicts in the east
Pro-slavery groups from Missouri were known as what?
  1. Jayhawks
  2. Raiders
  3. Pottawatomies
  4. Border Ruffians
Whose newspaper, the New York Tribune, made the term "Bleeding Kansas" famous?
  1. Thomas Nast
  2. Horace Greeley
  3. Frederick Douglass
  4. William Randolph Hearst
What were "Beecher's Bibles"?

In 1855, where was the Kansas anti-slavery legislature based?
  1. Topeka
  2. Wichita
  3. Kansas City
  4. Lecompton
Senator Charles Sumner was attacked by which representative after giving a speech condemning the action of pro-slavery forces in Kansas?
  1. Andrew Butler
  2. Stephen Douglas
  3. Preston Brooks
  4. John Crittenden
Where did John Brown lead an attack on pro-slavery settlers?

Though he was defeated, John Brown's role in which battle made him a national figure?
  1. Topeka
  2. Black Jack
  3. Osawatomie
  4. Marais des Cygnes
How was Kansas able to enter the Union as a free state?

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