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Finding Unit Prices (Grade 6)

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Finding Unit Prices

Instructions: When you are shopping for food or other items it is important to look at the unit price. Unit price is how much an item costs per unit of measure. Knowing the unit price of an item will help you determine which size is the best value. Find the unit prices for the following problems.

A book store was selling 5 books for $27.25. If you purchase online instead, then you could buy 6 books for $32.16. Which place has a lower unit price?
  1. Book store
  2. Online
Which of the following has the lowest unit price?
  1. 20 oz:$9.00
  2. 16 oz:$7.39
  3. 12 oz:$5.29
  4. 5 oz:$2.39
A box of 15 markers costs $2.40. At the same unit price, how much will a box of 40 markers cost?
  1. $4.80
  2. $6.40
  3. $5.90
  4. $5.15
A toy store sells a collection of 8 toys for $136. What is the unit rate (price per toy)?
  1. $15/toy
  2. $22/toy
  3. $12/toy
  4. $17/toy
Steven buys a box with 15 crayons for $3.10. At that unit price, how much would 42 crayons cost?
  1. $8.12
  2. $7.86
  3. $8.68
  4. $6.20
A shopper bought a 12-pound bag of oranges for $18.75. What was the unit price?
  1. $0.64 per pound
  2. $1.56 per pound
  3. $1.73 per pound
  4. $6.40 per pound
A 5-pound bag of dog food costs $11.25. What is the unit price of the dog food in dollars per pound?
  1. $0.44 per pound
  2. $2.25 per pound
  3. $6.25 per pound
  4. $56.25 per pound
Ramona buys 2 cans of tennis balls. The total cost for both cans is $10.30. Find the unit price of one can.

The cost of 9 tickets is $180. What is the unit rate?

Find the unit rate for the following:

$6 for 8 cans of vegetables

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