This worksheet supports NGSS Science and Engineering Practices of Obtaining, Evaluating, and Communicating Information.

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Evaluating a Science Graphic - Recycling (Grade 7)

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Evaluating a Science Graphic - Recycling

Instructions: An important part of the scientific process is communicating information. Scientists must both communicate their findings to others and evaluate information from other sources. Scientific information can be communicated through different formats including text, graphics, charts, tables, diagrams, and videos. No matter the format, it is essential to think critically about the presented information.

You come across the graphic below while researching the recycling habits of Americans. Use the graphic to answer the questions.

1. Write a sentence describing the main idea of the graphic.

2. When evaluating scientific information it is important to consider the source of the information. Does this graphic list the source of its information? If so, list the source(s) and state if it is a reliable source and explain why or why not.

3. Would this graphic more likely be found in a scientific journal or in a popular magazine? Justify your reasoning.

4. List 3 examples of quantitative information from the graphic.

5. Paraphrase the text under the heading "Recycle" into one sentence.

6. Identify one piece of information missing from the graphic that would strengthen its merit as a reliable source of information. Explain.

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