Whole Number Multistep Word Problems (Grade 4)

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Whole Number Multistep Word Problems

There are 6 buses transporting students to a baseball game with 32 students on each bus. Each row at the baseball stadium seats 8 students. If the students fill up all of the rows, how many rows of seats will the students need altogether?
  1. 22
  2. 24
  3. 192
  4. 4
Mason scored 12 points in the first quarter of the basketball game. Madison scored 3 times as many points in the first quarter as Mason. How many points did Mason and Madison score in the first quarter altogether?
  1. 15 points
  2. 36 points
  3. 24 points
  4. 48 points
Laura has 24 stamps from each of 6 different countries. She can fit 4 stamps on each display sheet of an album. How many display sheets can Laura fill with stamps?
  1. 576
  2. 36
  3. 34
  4. 16
Josh works in the school bookstore taking inventory of how many books are in stock. He counts 59 math books, 26 science books, and 114 social studies books. How many books does he count altogether?
  1. 198
  2. 199
  3. 200
  4. 201
Frank wants to buy a new phone that costs $125. He sells three video games for $38 each. How much more money does Frank need to buy the new phone?
  1. $84
  2. $87
  3. $114
  4. $11
Jane made 19 silver dollar pancakes. She took 7 and then gave an equal number to each of her two sisters. How many silver dollar pancakes did each sister get?

Julianna bought three bags of red apples and five bags of green apples. If each bag contains 8 apples, how many apples does she have total?

Alexa is reading a Nancy Drew mystery. There are 95 pages in her book. She read 18 pages the first day. The next day, Alexa just couldn't stop reading. She read 58 pages. How many pages does Alexa have left to read?

Sammi has six hamsters. She feeds her hamsters each day. She feeds each hamster twelve pellets in the morning and six in the evening. How many pellets will all of the hamsters eaten after two weeks?

A farmstand has only corn and tomatoes for vegetables. There are 7 bins of corn and 4 bins of tomatoes. Each bin of corn has 12 ears of corn. Each bin of tomatoes has 18 tomatoes.

What is the total number of vegetables at the farmstand?

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