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Troublesome Verbs (Grade 7)

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Troublesome Verbs

Instructions: Choose the correct verb to complete each sentence.

Can you                me how to download a video.
  1. teach
  2. learn
I will                newspapers on the ground before I paint.
  1. lay
  2. lie
Frank hopes to                Spanish before he visits Mexico.
  1. learn
  2. teach
The builder                a foundation of concrete blocks.
  1. lies
  2. lays
The director, Mrs. Kwan,                her chair at the front of the stage.
  1. sits
  2. sets
Tommy did not               quietly as Mrs. Kwan read to the class.
  1. set
  2. sit
My mother wanted to                her small town and to go work in NYC.
  1. let
  2. leave
The young mother wanted to                everyday to play with her happy children.
  1. raise
  2. rise
The stage hand will                and lower the curtain during the performance.
  1. raise
  2. rise
When I got to the check out, I                my groceries on the conveyor belt.
  1. sit
  2. set

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