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Should I Put a Comma Here? (Grade 8)

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Should I Put a Comma Here?

Instructions: Determine whether or not you should insert a comma in each sentence.

If you are not inserting a comma, explain why a comma does not belong in the sentence.

Would you like sushi or tacos?

I saw the movie Coco and read the novel All the Light We Cannot See.

He is smart but lazy.

Joe (accompanied by his trusty mutt) was always welcome.

When he got home (it was already dark outside) he fixed dinner.

John F. Kennedy Jr. was the son of President Kennedy.

Why is the sentence below incorrect?

The Giants and the Jets, play in New Jersey.

Why is the sentence below incorrect?

She is ordering, a pizza for dinner.

Why is the sentence below incorrect?

Bananas are a healthy, snack.

Why is the sentence below incorrect?

She received a phone call, during school.

Sometimes you use a comma to avoid confusion. However, sometimes putting a comma in causes confusion, so you leave it out.

Rewrite the sentence below so that there is no confusion.

Renata, my friend, and I played soccer together.

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