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Constitutional Amendments (Matching Questions) (Grade 6)

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Constitutional Amendments (Matching Questions)

Match the constitutional amendments from the Bill of Rights with its effects.
__Establishes the freedoms of religion, speech, and the pressA.3rd
__Establishes the right to bear armsB.10th
__Prohibits quartering of soldiers in homesC.6th
__Prohibits search and seizures with out causeD.5th
__Establishes the right to due process and prohibits self-incriminating testimonyE.4th
__Establishes the right to a trial by juryF.1st
__Establishes the right to a jury in civil casesG.8th
__Prohibits cruel and unusual punishmentsH.9th
__Protects rights not mentioned in the ConstitutionI.7th
__Establishes the fact that the federal government has only the powers given to it by the Constitution.J.2nd
Match the constitutional amendments with their effects.
__Establishes that states cannot be sued in federal court with out giving consentA.16th
__Changes the procedure for electing a vice presidentB.13th
__Abolishes slaveryC.15th
__Defines citizenship and protects civil rights from being restricted by statesD.11th
__Bans the denial of voting rights based on raceE.12th
__Creates the federal income taxF.17th
__Creates direct elections for senatorsG.14th
Match the constitutional amendment with its effects.
18th 19th 20th 21st
Banned the sale or manufacture of alcohol
Changed the starting date of congressional and presidential terms
Repealed the ban on the sale and manufacture of alcohol
Extended the right to vote to women
Match the constitutional amendments with their effects.
22 23 24
Prohibits denying the right to vote for non-payment of taxes
Set the number of terms a president may serve to two
Gives electors in the Electoral Collage to the District of Columbia

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