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Tennis (Grade 3)

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Match the tennis word with its meaning.
__loveA.when one player plays against one other player divides the playing area into two halves
__singlesC.the player uses this to hit the ball
__doublesD.when a team of two players plays against two other players is played on this
__courtF.when a player has zero points
The object of tennis is to hit the ball over the
  1. net.
  2. other player's head.
  3. fence.
How is it decided which player will serve first?
  1. coin toss
  2. alphabetical order
  3. the older player goes first
A rally is when players hit the ball back and forth over the              several times.
If a player hits the ball                , the other player gets a point.
  1. out of bounds
  2. in bounds
  3. over the net
Players are not allowed to touch
  1. the racquet.
  2. the net.
  3. the ground.
Some professional tennis matches are played on clay courts.
  1. True
  2. False
A shot that goes way high in the air and comes down on the other side of the net is
  1. a fly ball.
  2. a moon shot.
  3. a lob.
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