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Golf (Grade 3)

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Golf is one of the world's                 sports dating back 500 years.
  1. newest
  2. difficult
  3. oldest
The object of golf is to hit the golf ball into a small                 in the ground several hundred yards away.
  1. pond
  2. cup
  3. wooden box
Most golf courses have                 holes.
  1. 10
  2. 12
  3. 18
At the start of each hole, players place their ball on a                 which makes it easier to hit a long distance.
  1. fork
  2. toothpick
  3. tee
Players try to get the ball in the cup using the                 number of swings.
  1. greatest
  2. least
  3. maximum
Another word for a golf swing is a
  1. stroke.
  2. toss.
  3. hit.
The cup is located on the
  1. rough.
  2. fairway.
  3. green.
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