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Ice Hockey (Grade 4)

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Ice Hockey

The object of ice hockey is to hit the                 into the opponent's goal.
  1. puck
  2. ball
  3. stone
The equipment used to move the puck on the ice is a
  1. curved end stick.
  2. round bat.
  3. wooden paddle.
The player who tries to prevent the other team from putting the puck in the net is the
  1. referee.
  2. goaltender.
  3. forward.
All hockey players must always wear a
  1. bandana.
  2. cap.
  3. helmet.
Hockey players glide on the ice wearing
  1. sneakers.
  2. ice skates.
  3. snow shoes.
A hockey game starts with a                , where two opposing players stand opposite each other and the official drops the puck between them.
  1. tip-off.
  2. kickoff.
  3. face-off.
The type of shot which produces the fastest puck speed is the                 shot.
  1. wrist
  2. slap
  3. shovel
Attempting to take the puck from an opponent is called
  1. checking.
  2. icing.
  3. sliding.
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