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Golf 2 (Grade 6)

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Golf 2

When four golfers play a round of golf together, they are called
  1. a team.
  2. a foursome.
  3. a group.
  4. a fourtnite.
In golf, a par score is attained when a golfer completes a hole in the number of strokes listed on the scorecard. For example, if it takes the average golfer four strokes to complete a hole, then the hole is a par 4. There are some colorful names for scores that are not equal to par. See if you can match the name with the number of strokes.
__hole-in-oneA.two strokes over par
__birdieB.three strokes over par stroke under par
__double stroke over par
__bogeyE.three strokes under par
__double stroke only
__triple bogeyG.two strokes under par
Which of these is NOT a type of golf club?
  1. putter
  2. iron
  3. wedge
  4. pin
Which of these is NOT a type of shot in golf?
  1. drive
  2. ball
  3. chip
  4. putt
The person who carries a golfer's bag is called a                                  .
How many holes do most golf courses have?
  1. 10
  2. 12
  3. 18
  4. 24
A fairway which turns left or right obscuring the green from view is called
  1. a fairway turn.
  2. a dog leg.
  3. a cat's paw.
  4. a nightmare.
Another word for a sand trap is a                   .
In casual play only, a “do-over” shot made to replace a poorly hit ball, taken without counting the stroke toward the score is called
  1. repeat.
  2. a putter.
  3. a mulligan.
  4. an albatross.
Which of these is an important pro golf tournament?
  1. Wimbledon
  2. Rounders
  3. The Royal Club
  4. The Masters
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