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Pre-Colonial America - Iroquois (Grade 1)

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Pre-Colonial America - Iroquois

What type of homes did the Iroquois live in?
  1. Wigwams
  2. Teepees
  3. Brick
  4. Longhouses
What were the Iroquois' "Three Sisters"?
  1. Three days of their week.
  2. Three main crops- corn, beans and squash.
  3. The three peaceful tribes.
  4. The three languages they spoke.
Mark all of the jobs that Iroquois men did.
  1. Hunted deer
  2. Cooked
  3. Fished
  4. Made weapons
  5. Made canoes
  6. Fought in battles
  7. Sewed clothing
Mark all of the jobs Iroquois women did.
  1. Sewed clothing
  2. Stretched hides
  3. Hunted animals
  4. Took care of the gardens
  5. Made fish hooks
  6. Cooked meals
Lacrosse was a popular game played by the Iroquois.
  1. True
  2. False
The members of the Iroquois Five Nations were powerful, feared warriors.
  1. True
  2. False
What did Hiawatha and Deganawida (the Peacemaker) do?
  1. They declared war on other tribes.
  2. They united 5 tribes to become the Five Nations.
  3. They hunted a lot.
  4. They told stories to the different tribes.
What was "wampum"?
  1. Beads cut from seashells
  2. Furs to trade
  3. Copper pots used for cooking
  4. Smooth colorful stones
Where did the Iroquois like to build their villages?
  1. Near the ocean
  2. In hidden caves
  3. On top of hills
  4. In valleys
The Iroquois built                                                                                    around their villages.
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