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Juneteenth (MS) (Grade 8)

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Juneteenth (MS)

Juneteenth is the oldest nationally celebrated commemoration of the ending of                      in the United States.
In what year was the first Juneteenth celebration?
  1. 1863
  2. 1866
  3. 1877
  4. 1920
Juneteenth comes from the combination of what two words?

Even though Juneteenth is meant to commemorate the ending of slavery in the U.S., what else does the holiday mean?

What are some of the other names for Juneteenth?

Who is the "Executive of the United States" mentioned in Gen. Granger's order of June 19, 1865?
  1. the supreme court chief justice
  2. the president
  3. the secretary of state
  4. the vice president
According to Gen. Granger's order, what was the new relationship between former masters and their slaves?

Which states have not made Juneteenth an official holiday?

Check the box next to the company name to indicate if it has Juneteenth as a paid company holiday.
company holiday not a holiday
Ford Motor Company
Major League Baseball
National Football League

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