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Founders of Faith: Abraham and Moses (Grade 5)

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Founders of Faith: Abraham and Moses

What religious faith did Abraham found?
  1. Christianity
  2. Islam
  3. Judaism
  4. Buddhism
Originally called Abram, Abraham lived in the                                                in the city of Ur
located in modern-day                                               ?
  1. 20th century BC, Iraq
  2. 10th century BC, Israel
  3. 1st century AD, Israel
  4. 20th century AD, Iran
Most of what we know about Abraham is found in the                               , which is the first five books of the Hebrew Bible.
  1. Old Testament
  2. Septuagint
  3. Torah
  4. Vulgate
According to the Bible, which of these was NOT a promise God made to Abraham?
  1. God would give the land of Canaan to Abraham and his descendants.
  2. God would make Abraham's descendants into a great nation.
  3. God would make Abraham a father of many nations.
  4. All peoples of the earth would be blessed through Abraham.
  5. God would give Abraham oceanfront property on the Mediterranean.
According to the Bible, centuries after Abraham, God continued to form his special people, the Hebrews, through the prophet                , who led them out of slavery in Egypt.
  1. Joshua
  2. King Solomon
  3. King David
  4. Moses
The biblical story of the Exodus tells how God spoke to Moses in a                                telling him to lead his people out of slavery.
  1. talking horse
  2. burning bush
  3. dream
  4. vision
At first, the Egyptian pharaoh did not want to let the Hebrews go, so God put ten                                on the land.
  1. plagues
  2. curses
  3. floods
  4. storms
The last plague was a plague of                                when all the firstborn children in the land of Egypt died unless the people put lamb's blood on their front doors.
  1. disease
  2. blindness
  3. death
  4. flies
To this day, Jews celebrate the festival of                                to commemorate this event.
  1. Yom Kippur
  2. Passover
  3. Hanukkah
  4. Sukkot
After the plague of death, Pharaoh told Moses he would release all the Hebrew slaves, but soon after Pharaoh changed his mind and chased after the Hebrews trapping them at the edge of the                                     
  1. Sea of Galilee.
  2. Mediterranean Sea.
  3. Red Sea.
  4. Dead Sea.
What happened when Moses stretched out his staff over the sea?
  1. God caused rain to fall so that the Egyptian army got stuck in the mud.
  2. God caused the sea to part allowing the Hebrews to escape Pharaoh's army.
  3. God caused darkness so the Hebrews could slip away along the coast.
  4. God caused an earthquake to swallow up the Egyptian army.
Sometime later on Mt. Sinai, Moses was given which set of laws which are the basis for Judaism?
  1. the Ten Commandments
  2. the Code of Hammurabi
  3. the U.S. Penal Code
  4. the Beatitudes

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