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Volleyball (Grade 7)

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Players must                 the ball when receiving a serve.
  1. spike
  2. dig
  3. volley
  4. palm
How many times can each team touch the ball before sending it over the net into the opponent’s court?

The ball can never be touched twice in a row by the same player.
  1. True
  2. False
What is a defensive play when a player attempts to stop the opponents from hitting the ball over the net?
  1. volley
  2. spike
  3. block
  4. dig
There are              players on each volleyball team.
Match the description with the volleyball word.
__a hit that lands in the opponent’s court without any touches by the defending teamA.serve
__the act of throwing the ball into the air and hitting it to the other side of the courtB.kill
__a forcible downward striking of the ball over the net with the intention of scoring a point.C.spike
__vertical poles holding up the netD.bump
__hitting the ball with the intent of scoring a pointE.attack
__common term for forearm passingF.antennae
Volleyball was originally called
  1. mintonette.
  2. batball.
  3. handball.
  4. over-the-net ball.
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