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The NFL (Grade 8)

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How many teams are in the NFL?
  1. 28
  2. 30
  3. 32
  4. 36
The NFL is divided into two
  1. divisions.
  2. conferences.
  3. leagues.
  4. branches.
What year was the NFL founded, and what was one of the original teams still in existence today under another name?
  1. 1920, Decatur Staleys (Chicago Bears)
  2. 1920, Frankford Yellowjackets (Philadelphia Eagles)
  3. 1933, Canton Bulldogs (Cleveland Browns)
  4. 1925, Muncie Flyers (Green Bay Packers)
The very first NFL game to be televised happened on October 22, 1939 between the Brooklyn Dodgers and the
  1. NY Giants.
  2. Philadelphia Eagles.
  3. Chicago Bears.
  4. Boston Patriots.
The NFL merged with what rival league in 1966 to form the modern NFL?

The NFL team with the most victories is the
  1. Chicago Bears
  2. NY Giants
  3. Green Bay Packers
  4. Pittsburgh Steelers
What NFL running back has the most career rushing yards?
  1. Barry Sanders
  2. Walter Payton
  3. Emmitt Smith
  4. Jim Brown
According to the NFL rulebook, what are the two requirements for a legal catch?

What is a sack, and what defender has the most of them in NFL history?
  1. tackle a quarterback behind the line of scrimmage when attempting a pass, Reggie White
  2. tackle a quarterback behind the line of scrimmage when attempting a pass, Bruce Smith
  3. catching a ball intended to be thrown to a player on the other team, Michael Strahan
  4. an illegal block to the back, Julius Peppers
What is the two-minute warning?

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