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Track and Field Fill-in-the-Blank (Grade 4)

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Track and Field Fill-in-the-Blank

Instructions: Use the word bank to match the track and field word(s) with the right description.

pole vault . . . . . hurdle . . . . . . discus . . . . . baton . . . . . shot put
javelin . . . . sprint . . . . . lap . . . . . long jump

                                  A foot race where athletes run as fast as they can
                            One complete run around a track
                                      Pushing, rather than throwing, a heavy ball as far as possible
                            Players run to avoid being touched by "it"
                                    A spear thrown for distance
                                        An event where athletes leap as far as possible from a take-off point
                                  A "frisbee" thrown for distance
                                A hollow rod passed during a race from one member of a relay team to the next

                                  An upright frame that athletes in a race must jump over
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