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Hopscotch (Grade 3)

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Instructions: Hopscotch can be played outdoors or indoors, and it is a great way for kids to get exercise and develop their large motor skills. If you are playing outdoors, try making a traditional hopscotch path with chalk on asphalt. Typically hopscotch squares are 1.5ft by 1.5ft. If you are forced inside by bad weather, you can use painter's tape to mark out the squares on the floor. There are commercially produced hopscotch paths, but your kids will have fun making their own!

The rules of hopscotch are simple:

1) After creating your hopscotch pattern, each player chooses a different marker such as a button, bottle cap, stone, etc.

2) The first player stands in front of the first square and tosses his/her marker into square one

3) The player then hops over square one and continues hopping to squares two, three, etc. all the way to ten where the player turns around and hops back to the square just before the square which has the marker (in this case the player stops on square two, picks up the marker in square one, hops in square one and then off the path)

4) The player picks up the marker, then hops in that square and continues to the front of the path

5) The player then tosses his/her marker into square two and repeats the hopping pattern

6) All hopping must be done on one foot unless two squares are side-by-side. In that case, two feet can be placed, one in each square.

7) A player must hop over every square which contains a marker, even if that marker belongs to someone else.

8) A player is out if the hopper steps on a line, the hopper loses balance trying to pick up the marker and puts a hand or second foot down in the same square, the hopper goes into a square where a marker is, or if a player puts two feet down in a single box. A player is also out if their marker fails to land in the proper square.

9) A player who gets out puts his/her marker in the square where he/she will resume playing on the next turn, and the next player begins.

10) The first player to successfully navigate the hopscotch path ten times is the winner

There are a lot of variations to this game. You can customize the hopscotch pattern giving each square different names such as "square 1", "square 1+1", "square 1+2", "square 2+2", etc. Or you can name the squares after animals, states, foods, Disney characters... the list is endless! You can also adjust the size of the squares to make it easier or harder for kids of different ages. You don't even need to use squares... circles, triangles, hexagons, or a mix of many shapes work, too.

Happy hopping!!

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