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Stand and Deliver! (Grade 3)

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Stand and Deliver!

Instructions: Print the next three pages on card stock, cut them out along the lines and laminate for a set you can use over and over again.

Divide your students into groups of 3 seated on the floor in small circles around the room/gym. Each member of the group will be numbered one, two, or three.

When you shout “Number ______________, Stand and Deliver!” that group member must stand and do whatever you have commanded.

For example: “Number One, be the first to do 10 jumping jacks. Stand and Deliver!”

All the number ones will stand and do 10 jumping jacks. The first group member to complete the task gets 5 points for their team. The first team to reach 25 points is the winner. Then play resumes with another round as all teams start over at zero.

The group member can’t begin the task until you finish the phrase “Stand and Deliver!” If they begin too soon, they can’t earn the points for that task.

Some of the tasks will not be physical, but mental. This will compensate for those group members who are not as physically fit but can rely on their brain power to compete.

You can adapt the rules according to your needs.

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