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Games People Played (Grade 5)

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Games People Played

What was the ancient Greek sport where competitors fought hand-to-hand using boxing, kicking, and wrestling?
  1. purepecha
  2. pankration
  3. nguni
  4. pato
Which of these was a sport involving naval battles in a water-filled Roman Colosseum?
  1. naumachia
  2. venatio
  3. nguni
  4. pankration
Which of these is a Zulu slugfest involving combatants striking each other with sticks?
  1. pelota
  2. musti-yuddha
  3. pygmachia
  4. Nguni stick fighting
What was the name of the ancient Indian sport where two combatants boxed with clenched fists, kicks, finger strikes, knee strikes and headbutts?
  1. buzkashi
  2. naumachia
  3. musti-yuddha
  4. harpastum
Ancient Greeks played a game called                 where two teams of twelve players each attempted to throw a ball over their opponents heads.
  1. episkyros
  2. harpastum
  3. discus
  4. pentathlon
What ancient Aztec game involved a rubber ball which players attempted to shoot through a vertical hoop placed high above the court on opposite walls?
  1. tlachti
  2. patolli
  3. ullamaliztli
  4. huaca
Although the ancient Chinese game of cuju (which literally means "kick the ball with the foot") died out in the 17th century, the idea lives on in modern                   .
What ancient Mayan team sport resulted in the captains of the losing team to be decapitated after the game?
  1. pygmachia
  2. harpastum
  3. pitz
  4. ulama
The ancient Hawaiian sport of He’e Hölua involved large sleds made of wood and coconut fibers upon which players would slide down the side of an active                 face down at 50 m.p.h.
  1. volcano
  2. wave pool
  3. coral reef
  4. pineapple tree
Which of these is a pre-Hispanic game from mesoamerica similar to field hockey, but with a fiery twist: The sport is played with a ball which is lit on fire.
  1. venatio
  2. pankration
  3. pelota purépecha
  4. musti-yuddha
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