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Basketball Shots (Grade 5)

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Basketball Shots

Match the type of shot with its description.
__jump shotA.really not a shot, but meant to fool a defender before taking a real shot
__hook shotB.penalty shot taken after a foul
__bank shotC.the shot is made with the hand furthest from the hoop while the players body is not directly facing the basket
__free throwD.lifting the ball above the rim and forcefully throwing it through the rim
__layupE.knocking the ball into the hoop after a shot was missed
__slam dunkF.made at short range by a player moving towards the basket and gently placing the ball in the net
__tip-inG.follows an explosive, upward leap
__fadeawayH.any shot made where the ball hits the backboard before going into the net
__pump fakeI.the shooter attempts his shot leaning backward
Which of these is a shot taken at the very last second of the game?
  1. last chance throw
  2. 4-point shot
  3. buzzer beater
  4. hail mary
Which of these is a shot taken from the very far end of the court?
  1. miracle shot
  2. full-court shot
  3. a bomb shot
  4. a rainbow shot
A shot which bounces hard off the rim is called
  1. a brick.
  2. an airball.
  3. a bomb shot.
  4. an epic fail.
What is an unblocked shot that misses the basket, rim, net, and backboard entirely?
  1. swish miss
  2. rainbow arc
  3. freestyle shot
  4. air ball
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