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Track and Field: Running (Grade 9)

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Track and Field: Running

Name three of the six types of running events in the Olympic Games.

For over three decades the fastest woman in the world has been                                                       .
Usain Bolt's 100-meter dash record of 9.58 seconds translates into how many miles per hour?
  1. over 100 mph
  2. over 23 mph
  3. under 3 mph
  4. under 10 mph
What obstacles stand 3.5 feet high in the way of a runner in a 100-meter race?                     
Most world-class hurdlers can complete a 100-/110-meter race in about
  1. 13 milliseconds.
  2. 13 seconds.
  3. 13 minutes.
  4. 13 hours.
What is the longest running race in world competitions?
  1. 100-meter dash
  2. 10,000-meter run
  3. a marathon
  4. 50-kilometer speed walk
What running event emphasizes teamwork?                                   
What will probably happen if a relay runner drops the baton in a race?

What is the record time for the men's Olympic marathon?
  1. under two hours
  2. 2:06:32 hours
  3. 2:23:07 hours
  4. over two-and-a-half hours
In addition to competing against others, against whom else do track and field athletes compete?

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