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Football: Defensive Formations (Grade 8)

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Football: Defensive Formations

How is a football team's defense like a castle?

From the line of scrimmage to the defenders' end zone, list in order the players who make up the three layers of defense.
1) The                          (or defensive tackles and ends) are closest to the line of scrimmage.
2) The                                  play standing up behind the first layer.
3) The                              (or cornerbacks and safeties) is the third line of defense mainly covering against the pass.
Which defensive formation is made up of two cornerbacks, two safeties, four linebackers, one defensive tackle, and two defensive ends?
  1. 4-3
  2. 3-4
  3. nickel
  4. dime
Which positions are most important in the 3-4 defense?
  1. cornerbacks
  2. tackles
  3. linebackers
  4. defensive ends
Which defensive formation is shown here?
  1. 3-4
  2. 4-3
  3. nickel
  4. dime
Why is the side with a tight end called the "strong" side?

Why is the nickel formation called that?

Why is the dime formation called that?

When would the nickel or dime formation be used?

What does the defense lose when it employs a dime formation?
  1. a chance to win the game
  2. a good opportunity to sack the quarterback
  3. the ability to intercept a pass
  4. the ability to force a fumble
The World University Rankings released Thursday show that for the fifth year running, what university occupies the top spot as the world's best?

a. Oxford
b. Cambridge
c. Harvard
d. Princeton

Which of baseball’s greatest right-handed power pitchers, a Hall of Famer who won 311 games for four major league teams, most notably the Mets, died of COVID-19 and complications of Lewy body dementia on Monday?

a. Nolan Ryan
b. Doc Gooden
c. Tom Seaver
d. Steve Carlton

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