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The Object of Baseball (Grade 3)

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The Object of Baseball

In baseball, one team tries to score more                    the other team

The player who tries to hit the ball is called the                               .
  1. batter
  2. pitcher
  3. catcher
  4. manager
The player who throws the ball towards the batter is the                               .
  1. batter
  2. pitcher
  3. catcher
  4. manager
If the batter can hit the ball beyond the outfield fence, that’s a                               
  1. single
  2. hit
  3. home run
  4. out
What is an inning?
  1. the place on the field where the pitcher stands
  2. a ball hit over the outfield fence
  3. when both teams have had one turn at batting and fielding
  4. when a batter swings and misses a pitch
When three players on one team each make an                 , the other team gets a chance to hit.
Where does the batter stand when trying to hit the ball?

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