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Football: Offensive Formations (Grade 7)

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Football: Offensive Formations

The foundation of a football offense is five                          and a                                  who lines up behind the center.
Which offensive formation uses two running backs who line up single file behind the quarterback?
  1. Pro Set
  2. I-Formation
  3. Single-back
  4. Shotgun
Which offensive formation is shown here?

Which offensive formation is shown here?

In a single-back formation, which running back is lined up behind the quarterback?

In what kind of situation would an offense use a fullback lined up in a single-back formation?
  1. when only a few yards are needed to make a first down or a touchdown
  2. late in the game when the offense is trailing by two touchdowns
  3. when it's first and ten yards to go
  4. on fourth and long
Which formation has the quarterback standing as many as five yards behind the center?
  1. Single-back
  2. I-Formation
  3. Shotgun
  4. Pro Set
When might the offense line up in an empty set?
  1. when only a few yards are needed to make a first down or a touchdown
  2. when a big gain is needed in a hurry
  3. when all the team's running backs are hurt
  4. when the quarterback is going to hand the ball off
What's the difference between a halfback and a fullback?

Once the offense comes to the line of scrimmage in one formation, it cannot change to another formation.
  1. True
  2. False
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