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Gymnastics (Grade 3) (Grade 3)

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Gymnastics (Grade 3)

Match the word with its meaning.
__gymnastA.the word for special equipment used in gymnastics
__apparatusB.someone who does gymnastics
__handstandC.putting your hands on the ground with your body and legs upright in the air
Choose one of these words to fill in the blank.

Olympics . . . Time . . . Sunshine

Really good gymnasts compete in the Summer                           .
Gymnasts walk, leap, and do handstands on a narrow balance                                without falling off.
  1. mat
  2. beam
  3. bucket
When your body forms a ball and rolls forwards or backwards, you are doing a                .
  1. trampoline jump
  2. somersault
  3. handstand
What do gymnasts use the bars for?
  1. for the floor exercise
  2. to keep track of the score
  3. to swing themselves in the air like they are flying
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