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Football: Offensive Backs (Grade 7)

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Football: Offensive Backs

What three things must an offensive back do with the ball?

Which back leads the offense?
  1. halfback
  2. fullback
  3. running back
  4. quarterback
Who usually decides which plays to call in game?
  1. quarterback
  2. the coach
  3. running back
  4. water boy
Where does the quarterback tell the other offensive players which play they will run?
  1. on the sidelines
  2. in the huddle
  3. in the end zone
  4. in the locker room
How do you think each player knows what he is supposed to do once the quarterback calls the play?

Where on the field does the offense face the other team's defense?
  1. at midfield
  2. at the goal line
  3. at the line of scrimmage
  4. at the concession stand
When the QB calls for the ball from the center he is taking                .
  1. a pass
  2. the cadence
  3. the snap
  4. a break
Sometimes, at the line of scrimmage, the QB will change the play completely just before the snap. This is called an                         .
A rush is                                                     .
  1. when the ball is given to the QB by the center
  2. when the QB hands off the football to a running back
  3. when the QB throws a pass to a wide receiver
  4. when a running back catches a pass
What is a pitch?
  1. an underhand backwards toss from the QB to another back, tight end or receiver
  2. when the QB throws the ball forward with an overhand motion
  3. when the QB decides to kick the ball
  4. a hand-off to a running back
The two kinds of running backs are the                            (HB) and                            (FB).
Which back is bigger and stronger, the halfback or the fullback?

In addition to running with the ball, both running backs can also                      for another runner.
In a game situation when the offense only needs one yard or less for a touchdown, who is more likely to get the ball, the halfback or the fullback? Why?

Running backs are not allowed to catch passes; that's why they're called running backs.
  1. True
  2. False
Rattling houses and waking people from their sleep, a rare earthquake struck what northeastern state on Wednesday morning?

a. Massachusetts
b. New Jersey
c. Connecticut
d. Maine

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