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Eight-ball Pool (Grade 7)

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Eight-ball Pool

How many balls are used in eight-ball pool?               
What is the object of eight-ball pool?

How many pockets does a pool table have?             
What equipment is used to strike the cue ball?
  1. a hammer
  2. a cue stick
  3. a bat
  4. a racquet
What happens if a player accidentally sinks the 8-ball before clearing his/her own set of balls from the table?
  1. The player loses the game.
  2. The player wins the game.
  3. The player can get a do over.
  4. The player must put a previously sunk ball back on the table.
Where are the balls placed at the start of the game?
  1. evenly spaced along the cushions with the cue ball in the middle
  2. the 8-ball in the middle of the rack with the other balls in front of each pocket
  3. 15 balls in a triangular rack at one end of the table, and the cue ball at the other end
  4. all the balls piled in a pyramid shape with the 8-ball on top
What constitues a legal break in eight ball pool?

After a player sinks a ball, the opposing player gets a turn.
  1. True
  2. False
Which of these is NOT a foul in eight-ball pool?
  1. hitting the cue ball off the table
  2. sinking one of the other player’s balls
  3. hitting the cue ball twice
  4. failing to put chalk on the cue stick
How is it determined which player will sink solids and which will sink stripes?

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